Monday, April 4, 2011

Belgian Bieber

I’m starting to think there’s a factory somewhere in the world where teeny-bopper gods are manufactured and spit out into society. Some make it and some don't (um, Lockup/down Lohan).

But what I really mean is: Justin Bieber is the new “Olsen Twins” except, he has a penis (I think) and thicker hair.

He is also stalking my tv watching.

All the way in Belgium.

I know there are die-hard-devoted-future-Mrs. Bieber-wanna-be-fans all over the world but I, personally, don’t care.

And I’m sure I will get hate-mail now for going public with my disdain for him. But hopefully it’s not the “go back to America” bullshit I got last week for my blog.

Americans love Bieber too. But I’m just not into the whole Bieber Fever thing.

So on Wednesday night I was watching “Het Journaal” (For the Americans reading, it’s one of the many news programs here in Belgium). WTF...JUSTIN BIEBER popped up on the screen. Apparently he's been performing in Antwerp. Yay. Not.

And despite the momentary pleasure of hearing English spoken on a Belgian news program, I found it annoying.

I even posted the clip on youtube.

And THEN, on Thursday I flipped the channel to E! in the hopes of catching up with the Kardashians and who do I see on my screen but, yes, JUSTIN BIEBER. “My World” was on.

I turned off the television and went to do some dishes, that’s MY world. Yes. That’s how serious I am.

And THEN, on Friday, Bieber’s face is plastered on the tv screen while I’m watching the first few minutes of Idool?!

“Never say never,” said Beiber to the remaining contestants. CHEESY.

My television viewing is officially Beiberfied. I want to talk to someone about this.

It’s not fair.

I thought I had Biebermatic immunity now that I've left the U.S.

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