Sunday, March 27, 2011

One-Jacket Hasselhoff

I think I am still suffering from PTSD, but I will try to get this small paragraph out.

The last thing, as an American, that I was expecting while watching Belgium's Idool 2011 was DAVID HASSELHOFF.

Like, WTF?!

He might be cool all over Europe, but he's pretty much the poster-child for "Douche" in the U.S!

Well, maybe he comes in second now to the cast of Jersey Shore.

And to SHOW US just what a douche he is...

The "Hoff" wore the EXACT SAME outfit, down to the white shirt and red pocket-square, on this week's Idool 2011 as he did on last year's Dancing With The Stars!

But then again, he wasn't expecting some crazy ass bitch from the U.S who moved to Belgium, to put that together.

Sigh. yourself another outfit. One-trick Hasselhoff...have you spent all your money on burgers off the floor?!

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