Saturday, September 18, 2010

Operation Momz Meets Davy (and Belgium) - Part I

It was the end of August and I was done with summer school. With one week's break before fall semester I took my momz to Belgium with me. My fourth trip to Ghent, Belgium where my Davy is...and her first.

You can't measure the importance of having your mother meet your future husband, albeit in a difference country and time zone and culture.
My wildest commitment-phobic dreams came true though, and I will never take for granted what I have found in this wonderful man.

Davy had to rent us a car for the week because, hey, his hot hot convertible seats only two and barely hold my suitcases each time I visit. And so he gave up his baby for the week and rented a nice family car. A nice family car.

After the awkward first hellos at the airport all I wanted to do was jump on him and do it like they do on the Discovery Channel, but
alas, momz was with me on this trip and my priority was her at the time.

After dropping her off at the unbelievably beautiful and perfectly-situated Marriott Hotel in the middle of Ghent (right on the river by the way), Davy and I spent some very quality time together before picking momz up for dinner. This is the stuff I have always wanted and craved in my life.

A moment where my love and family come together in my life. When you have it, you never take it for granted. The only thing missing was my dad, but I know he was looking down and so happy for all three of us. And I was conscious of this the duration of the trip...

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