Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cowboys Never Win

The dust has settled. Big Brother is like so 10 days ago. And we have all moved on to Survivor.

But first…

Congratulations to Hayden. Really.

Anyone who makes it to the end should be congratulated (at a bare minimum).

The winner deserves more than $500K. Well, I did, for sure. But $500K is all you get. Not bad for three months work though.

Say what you will about Hayden, but the boy played hard. So hard, his upper lip nearly disappeared he was working it so hard. He even swapped spit with that girl, um, Kristen.

Yeah, Kristen.


Call me a white-ist, but Hayden really reminds me of Drew Daniel, the winner from Season 5.

Both are/were All-American college boys who describe themselves as “outgoing”, “charming”, and “genuine”.

You know, like, most of the infamous serial killers of Americana do.

I should have known Hayden was going to win, he worked out the same formula Drew did.

It's funny though. Hayden and Drew’s runners-up were both “cowboys” also.

Big old Lane and Michael “Cowboy” Ellis, respectively, both came in 2nd to the collegiate winners.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Do BB HGs have something against cowboys?! The votes are what matter!

And lo and behold, Lane’s “Big Brother Idol” is Memphis, from Season 10, also another cowboy!

OMG! It IS a conspiracy!

I wonder if it's time to get a real cowgirl on the show.

And no, i'm not talking about my runner-up Ali. Just because she was a cow and a girl and did "ride" a lot doesn't mean she's a bonafide cowgirl. But she is human too. And it hurts me that people write such hurtful things on her "secret blog" ( Pains me.

I digress. This is about Hayden and his hair and teeth and anything else sucking the Vitamin E out of him winning this season. Congratulations dude.

And thanks A LOT for getting Gisele Bundchen onTom Brady to start riding your long hair train.


I am convinced Tom must cut his hair N-O-W.

PS: My advice to Hayden = Put your winnings into some real estate and go back to real life ASAP. Stop hanging out in Vegas and go home now. N-O-W.


  1. I agree. It is a conspiracy.

    And Cowboy is so annoying.

  2. I love conspiracy theories like I love Harrison Ford in conspiracy theory movies :)

    Yeah, I would have stuffed Cowboy's hat down his throat had I spent an entire summer in that house with him. But I didn't have to. So I find him endearing at the end of the day. HA

  3. Instead, you got Alison :)

    But seriously. This is going to sound me but I loved on the beginning of All-Stars & BB11 when Cowboy didn't get picked to go back in he looked so crushed. I swear I'm not a mean person but there's just something about him that makes me enjoy watching him lose.

    I swear I'm not that mean.