Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh No She Didn't

"I fought so hard I feel like I need another injection of Botox because I have so many wrinkles right now." Verbatim.

Unbelievable. It's such a foreign concept to me.

God I love her entertainment factor. She gives good Big Brother. (And Brendon, call me. I'm not available but I'm allowed to talk to you.)

But I mean Brendon, this chick is mean. She likened you to a monkey. OMG. Get a grip dude. Drop Rachel. People call you The Gruesome Twosome. Hahahaha, good shit this summer.

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  1. OK Jun - I don't usually (have I ever?!?!) comment about BB, but I'll make the exception this time...

    I cannot stand Rachel!!! xP

    I was SO THRILLED to see her get her ass thrown out of that house!

    I was even more thrilled to watch Ragan put her in her place last night during her 24 hour re-appearance in the house.

    GO RAGAN! GO RAGAN!! :D lmfao

    Brendon is an IDIOT, or if he isn't really one, he sure is when it comes to Rachel. She totally uses him and he doesn't have a clue.

    I see why you'd want to add him to your boy-toy collection, Jun, but really .. talk to him?? WHY?!?!? xD lmao

    Sure she was drama for the show - but for me it was too much. She just got way too annoying for me and at a point became a deterrent to actually watching the show.

    Seems to me this year, more than any other, HOH's (not just Rachel) are power-drunk, blatantly and openly "screw everyone" else attitude towards the house guests and then when they lose the power and are threatened , turn into whining, crying, sniffling little babies. 8"""^O

    Gags! x^O=====

    I know there are no morals in the BB house, but how about a little backbone?!!? Yeash! lol

    Anyways - was hoping that Matt would be put on the block and have to use the super duper diamond veto thingy ... can't wait to see that and the houseguests reaction afterwards.

    I'm betting with a sudden decision put upon Brendon - Kathy goes out tonight.

    Do me a favor Jun? Check your yahoo or gmail ... I sent you a message and I'd really like to hear back, if you would.

    Enjoy the drama tonight! :D

  2. Oops - my bad, Matt's decision.

    Still my end result was the same , Kathy went.

    I know you wont believe me now, but I would have guessed too that Britney would win the HOH.

    I often wonder if BB picks the comp's based on who they'd like to win that week.... just to create the most drama. When Brendon needed to win the comp's where physical, when Ragan & Brit needed to win, the comp's were cerebral in puzzle solving & Q&A.

    Anyways - I was really psyched that Brit won HOH. Was really cute seeing all the HG's passing in the hallway before/after voting and their little happy dances etc.. lol.

    Glad Ragan got his 20G & also enjoyed the HG's surprise when Matt pulled out the Diamond Veto.

    And finally, Julie's hair looked a little more normal' and less bizarre, last night.

  3. You know I haven't been able to keep up much, being online right now so rarely, but I had to point out something.

    Aren't you supposed to say 'vagina' in every post this season? I didn't see your vagina here.