Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mine: Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is lovely to visit and soon-to-be home for me.

Ghent is also the site of where some serious cosmic forces were at work last weekend.

Davy and I do that. We can.

You know what I can't wait for? The morning I wake up with Davy Goethals and not have to worry about packing to return to my New York.

Everyone should experience Belgian life, if only for a long weekend.

Some highlights from a recent long weekend experience I had myself:

On St. Michael's Bridge in the city center in Ghent. Picture-perfect, yes we are. Oh, and the architecture too. It's very reminiscent of many European cities with the untouched churches and landmarks mixed with the energy of city living.

I love it all. And I love Davy for opening my eyes and heart to it all..

Jacqlin Chocolatier. We spent way too much time in here. And I spent way too much Euro.

But it was worth it. Ask my friends.

Yummy gifts all the way.

Do it, take a boat ride along the Leie River that runs through Ghent. It runs through France too. It's beautiful and serene, and if your'e lucky you get a super kewl guide who makes you laugh. She totally rocked.

And all for just 7 Euro per person. Booyah.

Stop and smell the roses. Stop and take it all in.

Pictures do paint so many words. In a screenshot, the Vrijdagmarkt (“Friday Market”) Square.

The statue is Jacob Van Artevelde. Belgian hero, makes the girls swoon. He points towards England. He fought when he had to and won and lost, both in the end.

The Three Towers in the background just make this shot for me.

How could you NOT want to stop in at a cafe 10 yards away and enjoy the moment?

The skyline is gorgeous, the landscape is splendid, the air is sweet. Can you tell how much I enjoyed this city?

Amazing. At Dreupelkot with the owner, Pol. :)

He's a "master of the nectar".
He's like a celebrity of sorts. But totally cool about how cool he is.

I think I squealed when I got behind the bar with him.

I love being around the locals, and prancing around like a tourist :). And Davy let me. And he loved it. He lets me be me.

Gravensteen,"Castle of the Count". go through the impressive structure, and make a wish in the end.

Bring a coin. Make a wish. I did. And I won't tell what it is until it comes true!

And if you're into pain / pleasure, there's a room of tools used for torture back in the Belgian day. Fun.

I'm not gonna lie, it excited me. I like excitement.

Take in the AMAZING Blaarmeersen Recreational Park. Like, Woodstock but clean and soooo chill.

Everything in one park. Everything. What's your game and what's your flavor? I bet you'll find it here.

They've really thought everything through so it's a wondrous way to spend de temps libres.

Davy told me that once I tried one of these freaky-looking treats that I would be glad I did.

And I trust him. So I did. And they are fucking delicious. Must...have...more...

Cuberdon: Cone-shaped candies dating back to the 19th century, made of sugar, Arabic gum, and gelatin. Hard on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. Like Me.

End the day with dinner at one of hundreds of delectable tummy-filling restaurants.

This evening, Davy chose to have me experience the wonders at Fin Du Monde.

Yummy to the infinite degree.

I'm no drinker and I can tell you that I have never tasted a more perfect Mojito until this night.

Thank you so much to Nathalie, fierce chef, mother, wife and

Take in a beer or eight at Park Cafe.

It puts our outdoor park cafes to shame here in the States.

Amazing for couples, groups, families, cruising, pleasing, so much goes here.

AND, they have fortune tellers.


AND, I got really drunk this night. When in Belgium...

I CANNOT wait to go back. See you soon my love.


  1. Y'all are sickeningly adorable together! ;)

    Love all the pics, that is so amazing. So many amazing shots you've snapped! The Castle of the Count is my fave. Looks like you are having a fantastic summer!

  2. Jun, I enjoyed this so much!! It makes me want to visit Belgium like, really soon! Haha!! You're trip was pretty amazing from what I see, and not just because of Davy! Lol!
    Oh! And you're writing is awesome, keep em coming!!

  3. Awwww!!! You guys are awesome. It's a BEAUTIFUL city Ghent...and I can't wait to call it home next year!!

  4. Hey Jun! I can't believe I found you! It has been 10 years since my internship w/you. Hope everything's well!! Miss you :)

  5. Holy Shit! Email me woman.

    I can't believe it!!!!