Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer is Upon Us!

How exciting boys and girls! I will be back on BBDish to impart my very biased opinions on the newest season...counting down to yet another season of hating and loving and everything in between!

I've been keeping quite busy in the meanwhile...back in school and doing fabulously (3.8 GPA) and having found love!!!

My life seems more complete and I am sure it will come through in my writing!

I can't wait to tear into this new season...


  1. Yay Jun! So glad to see you are going to be back on the Dish! You brought so much fun last season, and I can't wait to get your witty insight again. And Yay you found love! So happy for you after things didn't work out for us and our Dishmance, lol, j/k. I really am happy for ya! And wow on the GPA, that's fantastic! Not only do you have more humor than a Good Humor Bar, but you're a smartie pants too! Can't wait for your first post!

  2. SYN!!!! You will always be my blog hubby :) I am so glad to be back because I had much fun last summer with all of you! Cheers to 7/8! :)

  3. Jun, I am so glad you will be back!!!

    Sounds like everything is going wonderfully for you!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing your witty posts!!!


    Take care, Hon!!!!

    Kisses and Rug Burns to you!!!!

  4. Thanks darlin'~! I am pretty excited myself! I'm looking forward to your comments tooooo! :)

  5. WoW Jun!! You finally found LOVE! <3 Awesome!!!

    I'm very happy for you! :)))

    I know you've been looking & waiting for a very long time. I told you he'd come around eventually!

    All the happiness, to you! :)