Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Priorities...Bad News and Good News

I am sorry to say that I have spoken to soon about blogging again for BBDish. I was very excited to be back for the summer and dish on the newest season of Big Brother...

But, there are two men in my life, and my life, that I need to focus on.

One, my grandfather, needs me around as much as possible as we are unsure as to how long he will actually be with us.

He's a good man, and a wonderful grandfather, and I cannot deprive him of his favorite grandgirl (me). It just wouldn't be right, haha. Losing my father was softened by the fact that I spent his last year with him with my Big Brother winnings. Everything happens for a reason.

Happy Father's Day to everyone...we all celebrate it in our own way, so own it and enjoy!!

And, the other man I speak of is also a good man, and a wonder in my life. His name is Davy Goethals and he came into my life when I was least expecting my heart to be captured. New love needs attention and care and long distances require even more. Given a choice, it's love over blogging.

It's always love. And I love Davy.

I will review as much as I can, and I am sure I will have zingers every week but it's not fair for me to commit to a platform such as BBDish and not be able to deliver.

Stay tuned for my season premiere review July 9th...we will all be watching the night before, and I promise you some choice words the next day!


  1. Family always comes first Jun! I sincerely hope you get to make many new memories with your Grandfather and your New Man! Looking forward to you stopping by when you can.

    And coincidentally, I've been rewatching BB10, and literally to the right of where I'm typing this, I'm watching Episode 13 on YouTube starring none other than you! I was so shocked, because I didn't know you then so it had slipped my memory that you had taken part in the competition, but then I heard them say Season 4 Winner Jun and I was like "Oh Em Gee! It's Jun!" lol!

    Take care of you!

    Much Hugs and Smooches!

    ~ Syn

  2. Where will I get my snarkiness fill? You will be missed, Ms. June. Enjoy your loves and your life, its always too short. I wish you all the best!


  3. SYN! I have missed you hahahaha. How goes life in your part of America?! :)

    Sameeka, girl...I will be back soon enough!!! :)

  4. So now, I'm rewatching All-Stars, and lo and behold there you are again for the Slop Food Test. Is there a season you didn't pay visit to? lol.

    Things are going fine in ole' Alabama. It's HOT as usual. So, it's pretty much the same as it was last summer.

    Talk to ya soon!