Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waxed in Shanghai

How could I not go in for a Shanghai wax after seeing this ad?! :) Spent two weeks in China in December...and it was interesting, not sure I'd go back tho.


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  2. You didn't say!!!

    Did you get a Shanghai Wax or not????!!!???


    I'm going to be up for DAYS wondering!

    Hiya, Jun!!!!

    It's me, Blue!!!!

    Remember me? Probably not, if you've been busy with boys and waxes and such!!!! LOL

    I'm from Carolyn's blog.......the Dishchicks!!!

    Was perusing her blog for any new posts and updates, and shot her a couple comments and an e-mails, and thought I'd see what you have been up to! Besides waxing the wildebeast, that is!

    Hope all is well with you, and that you will be geared up in your lustrous leather this coming season!

    Been hitting anything HAWT and TAWDRY recently? Besides yourself, that is? hehehehe!

    You're still, and will always remain, my fave BB alumni cast member and BB Blogger at DishChicks!

    Although, I have a few! But you are definitely ranked at the top! ♥♥♥

    Much love to you, and stay your wonderfully witty and wet and now *wax*tacular self!

    Kisses and Rug Burns,

  3. Hey Ms. Jun, Where are you? Miss your comments! Will you be BB blogging this coming season?

    aka SassySam

  4. I am back! Back and waxed! HAHAHAHA