Sunday, September 20, 2009

Snuggie You, Snuggie Me

I don't know if it was the Pats loss or the sudden arrival of colder evenings. I was walking through Kmart in the morning (yes, exciting life is mine) and I saw boxes upon boxes of Snuggies!

But I couldn't do it Because I've been making fun of the fleece f*ckers since I first saw one in person. But I secretly coveted one.

My girlfriends Bachul and Nicole came over to watch the Giants game., watch John Madden scare children just at the sight of him?!

Somehow we got online to order Snuggies. Nicole swore there was a buy one-get one deal going on and I believed her. I believe most things that she shares. So I bought six. Yes, I went online to buy two, one for me and one for Nicole. And I bought S I X.

It's the deals they kept offering me!!!

I am a sucker. But I will be a snuggied sucker. Booyah.

B & N: I will alert you when ur new addition arrives in the mail. 2-6 weeks?!?! Sigh...I want one now.

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  1. And you are going for color coordination. Smart girl! And I didn't know you were a football fan. I saw that other tab. You never cease to amaze me. You never will.

    Now I want a snuggie too so I can dress just like Jun. Would that make us snuggie buddies?

  2. Yea , yea, yea Jun ... We all know that you secretly long to be another chenbot!


  3. LMAO! Jun I have two. ;) They are quite nice in the winter. Yes, it does occassionally get chilly here.

    I hope you enjoy 'em!

  4. Michelle! Hello my little mama :). "Loves it" love.

    Syn, I miss you. I'm not gonna lie. :)

    John! Of COURSE you noticed! We share a brain quite often don't we?! Don't we?! Haha

    Jup, I KNOW you're not gonna go there. Haha. I did think about it while I was ordering it tho. Such a sadly wardrobed bot was she. :)

  5. OK, heeding GaYToR's warning somewhere else on here, about 'not getting on Jun's bad side', I wont go there. ;P

    On Julie though... it did make her hair seem a little smaller ... didn't it? Maybe that was the thought behind her fashion plan? ;D lmao.