Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting My Shit Together

I wish everyone would make it a priority with me. Getting your shit together is beneficial to you and everyone else.

After a week in Mexico (8/29 - 9/5), family drama (mostly caused by my brother's gf), Labor Day weekend in South Hampton, attack of the clingy new boytoy, and a social butterfly of a girlfriend staying with me this past week (9/5 - 9/14), my shit is very loose.

I need to get it together.

Here are some highlights from my family (plus my brother's gf) vacation:


- Realizing I had taken over for my dad as the glue that holds our family together.
- Being one of the hottest things at that hotel, save for the jalapenos they laid into the salsa everyday. Holy burning booty hole the next day!
- Purchasing 3 new bikinis while there...and making 3 new friends too! Shout to Nina, Jos and Jo! I will never forget naked karaoke.


-Having a tiff with my brother's gf RIGHT before our trip...and harboring some hurt at the start of the trip.
- Having a tiff with my brother's gf on the SECOND TO LAST DAY of our trip...and now having to plot her fall from grace. Bleeding b*tches out slowly is what I do.

All in all, the staff at the hotel loved me, my boobs always looked great...

and I came home with a scandalous tan...

Oh, and my mom, my brother and I had an amazing time and only grew closer.

As for the rest, I'll deal with it my way.

I'm back kids, miss me?!


  1. Jun! Welcome back! I'll hit the topic 1st and say , check this out for tips on Fixing Jun's Loose Shit. Very informative! :)

    Moving on ... THANX for posting the pix!!! 8)~

    Damn Girl ~ You are lookin' FINE! ;)

    I am sure every staffs member fell in luv with you! lol

    Ummm.... "Holy burning booty hole the next day!" ... OMFG. lol. Why should I be surprised by that statement by you anyways?!?! %D I expect to see the video!!! ;D

    Good luck getting your loose shit together, Welcome Back & yeah - missed ya!

    ...but these pix (you're Gorgeous in the 1st one btw) sure do help ease the pain. ;)

  2. Thanks!!! Hahaha. I am getting there slowly...

  3. I am so glad the picture I was imagining didn't show up on this blog. I was actually very cautious about opening, never knowing what awaits me in a new post.

    As some old president said, "There is nothing to fear but Jun Song."

  4. Gaytor! I'm trying to manage a fine line. Where this blog will go nobody knows. :) But I appreciate the hesitance on your part haha. Sigh. You get me always.