Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speak For Yourself (LITERAL)

What happened to just being yourself and for noone else? Why must people try to "stand for" anything more than just themselves? MOST OF YOU CAN'T. I don't want to.

It would make speaking for yourself easier.

When you "claim" to "represent" a certain group then you need to take responsibility for the consequences.

Because of certain irresponsible parties, the women's movement can be knocked back 50 years.

Check out swimwear circa 1959. Not cool.

Imagine tan lines that make our limbs dark, bellies white, and T & A pasty?! OH, THE HORROR! I KNOW neither the ladies NOR the gents want this.

So next time you want to "stand for" something, stand for silence and just focus on fixing yourself first.

That's why I can never represent anyone really. It's like setting yourself up for failure. I'd rather rock at being myself, noone can take that away from me and I get all the credit. Booyah.


  1. This is ms.snarky aka sassysam from glad I just found your blog. Very clever and I agree 90%, but those swimsuits are HOT!! Ok, they're not.. but that's what my swimsuit looks like so I'm starting a movement bring the one-piece back. You don't enjoy a pasty butt? I honestly think its wierd when people have dark make me wonder where they were when they showed their ass for hours and hours in public. But I digress...people should be more careful (and do more research) about what groups they align themselves with in BB and in real life.

  2. Ahhhh! Ms. Snarky! Welcome! :)

    HA, I think tan lines on booty is okay. Like half-pasty / half-dark is perfect :)

    Mmmmmhmmm, in life too. You've got to surround yourself with the right people...right up until death. After all, you want to be buried in a plush casket right?! Am I right?! :)

  3. lmao @ half pasty/half dark! You are too much..and yes, you are right!

    It's definitely time to step up my workout/swimsuit game. (Considering slop diet) Thanks for putting me on blast! lol

    I hope you're having a wonderful vacation and that a serious thought doesn't pop into your head until you return... half-pasty of course.

  4. The vaca was wonderful, thank you Sameeka! I am golden tan :)