Monday, August 17, 2009

"Racist" = Over Used! Especially in the Big Brother World.

I am a

sexist for objectifying Jeff the way I do. He is more than welcome to reciprocate.

bi-thiest because I also "worship" Russell. And I regularly carry out multiple hubby scenarios in my head (also makes my a polygamist I think).

resistentialist for believing Chima is an “inanimate” object displaying malice towards humans. Oh, and a bigforeheadaphobist too I am.

trialist because I truly believe that Michele never has all three components together at once (mind, body and spirit). The girl always seems to have a disconnect somewhere!

nativist, because as much as I harp on Jordan’s lack of conventional intellect, I know she was born that way. We can’t fault her for that. Lord knows you can’t buy FBS (Fluffy Brain Syndrome) at a store, it’s something you’re born with.

stoicist for wishing Lydia a current of electric shock every time she gets all sappy about Jessie. UGH. Stop it!

somatist, because despite my best efforts at “digging” on Kevin, the only things I can ever come up with are fashion-related. So I’m a little materialistic too.

pejorist because I truly don’t believe I could ever like Natalie. Never, It’s not going to happen, and I’m pretty open-minded about a lot of things. Oh god, I'm sounding old.

...adevist for not believing in Jessie…you know, the myth, the man, the legend?

And last but not least I am a REALIST. Please, join me. Sign up. It’s free.

With all that out of the way now, please be rest assume that I am NOT a racist. Ask anyone who has spent longer than an elevator ride with me and you will know that. Unless you don’t WANT to believe that I am not. In that case, I can’t help you.

F*ck off my air supply. Save it for someone who DIDN’T grow up the only Korean girl in the lower east side in the 80s!

Now, let’s move on so I can continue to share with those who read willingly.

PS: Clearly this is in response to being called a "racist" in my writing related to BB11 Houseguests. Whatevs.


  1. Ah, forget them. Sick the BBdish chucks on the haters. They're good bodyguards.

    Love reading your blog!

  2. I didn't realize this existed...just another reason for me to be jealous!

    By the way, the photos below are evidence of what I said before. You take great photos, but who can look fab when placed in a crazy contrived setting where you're forced to cry?

    And, this is Tracy.. I lie about my name and everything else when I'm bored.


  3. That's all I have today!


  4. Jun, Jun, Jun -
    I have never posted a comment on any internet writing but had to tell you how superb you are. You were always a favorite of mine and reading your blog and postings confirms it - you absolutely are the best. Why are you not a professional comic writer?? Maybe you are and I just don't know. Anyway, agree with EVERYTHING you say - thanks for writing what most of us think and feel. You're hilarious! Love it!
    Keep it up!

  5. hahaha "fuck off my air supply"

    that's the quote of the year.

  6. Don't I KNOW IT Jamison! Haha.

    Ahhhh, hello "Kate" :) Please tell Tracy I say hello and I love her!

    Genieeeeee! You ALWAYS have love! Thanks mama!

    Julie, I love it. I totally popped your blog cherry! Stick around!

    Fluter, I actually saw "Air Supply" a few years ago and they lip-synced half of it but it was still awesome! "F*CK OFF MY AIR SUPPLY" teehee. Like, back the f*ck up please!