Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Packaging on Allergy Medicine is a PAIN in the ASS

I didn’t have allergies until the tender age of 25, nine years ago. A lot changed at 25. A lot does.

There are infinite points of no-return that no one really tells you about and so they just happen and it’s your choice whether to falter or fight it and age gracefully.


When I was 25, it was a very good year. I had just ended a really really long relationship with “Joe” and I was really really happy with “Dan”.

Then when late spring rolled around, my allergy-free life as I knew it became painful, harrowing even. People who don’t suffer just don’t know. I didn’t know my whole life as I pranced along the streets in my springy dresses.

It was our first spring and it was wonderful and honeymoon in nature. But my eyes itched, my nose felt tingly all the time…and I started to sneeze…uncontrollably. That was not sexy. I prefer sexy.
It was an awesome spring still.

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