Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kimchi! Please let it be KIMCHI!! - BB11 Ep 13 - Sun 8/9/09

I hate it that Jessie thinks he’s a walking fortune cookie.

“Vengeance will be sought out and revenge will be sweet …All I have is popsicle sticks and bubble gum...” Shut up. We get it. Ugh. Just shut up. And while I’m at it, WHY doesn’t someone in that damn house tell Natalie it’s “supposedly” and not “supposably”?!?!

Just an FYI I’ve spent the last 19 hours recovering from my first food poisoning experience.

I wonder if the pain and suffering could be compared to natural childbirth? I thought I was going to DIE and all I thought was “my blog, who’s gonna write my blog?!” Well, not really. But I was thinking about all the unfinished business I’d be leaving behind (and I don’t mean the shit I was vomiting and well, you get it).

So…armed with diluted Gatorade and too many bananas for one petite Korean chick, I turned on my DVR and finally finished last night’s show. Last night’s episode gave me a brilliant idea. Facebook should have a relationship status : Arch Nemesis (Lydia and Natalie, really?) I think it would take off! Who would be YOUR arch nemesis?

JEFF: Sigh…Jeff’s poker face is amazing. His face is just amazing actually. I can’t believe he’s been able to keep such a secret from the entire house. When he says “love love love” I feel like it’s a shout-out to me, just me. Because I say “love love love” all the time!

And the way he eats, oh so sexy. He is so protective of Jordan and it's a joy to watch, it really is. Clearly, I am in Love Jeff mode, just put it on vibrate and leave me be.

CHIMA: “Our family is small but very strong woman.” I believe her. Her letter from home was wonderful. I’m not going to lie.

I watched 15 minutes of the show last night with some BB newbies, and when I say newbie I mean it. Think back to the first time you used a condom…you knew of them, what they did, what they looked like. But no one told you they felt like sh*t, smelled like crap and tasted like…never mind. I am TOTALLY going off on a tangent. Anyway, they appreciated my inside scoop and commentary I provided while we watched. I also told them I was dreading having to be NICE to Chimapuss on this blog.


Back to Chima. WOAH. Wow she shared something big with the house eh? That story of her brutal raping by a serial killer made my stomach gurgle again, it’s scary. And it wasn’t just the music CBS provided to go with her story. It made me want to get to know her because up until now I’ve only seen a shell.

And she will probably win the season. I just really want her to let shit down a little more so we can see more of the Chima who read her mom’s letter. But I still don't like her.

WHAT?! WHAT?! Jeremy Piven WHAT?! Hold up. Our Season 4 got a motherfrigging MIME?!

And this summer they get TWO movie screenings? Are there anymore coming? And this summer they get all these cash prizes?!

K*ntroS*K, are you reading? Because noone forces you to read my blog. So if you don't like what I have ot say you really shouldn't be reading.

But just in case, pay attention because here is where I will get bitter now. Just to make you happy.

For all of you who don’t know my buddy K*ntroS*K, they are not a fan of me or my writing, or my existence too perhaps. An angry message was left for me, and I wonder if this is also the person who called me a racist:

And I quote:

K*ntroS*K said...

“Really trying not to be rude.. But June... who the heck are you to comment on Julie or any of the houseguests.. You sound very bitter and are lucky Carolyn puts your blog on here, or else no one would care about you!!“ August 7, 2009 4:32 PM

To which I responded

”Hmmm, K*troS*K. I am just me. You are just you. I just happen to put my opinions down on paper and have a place to showcase them thanks to Carolyn. If I didn't, they'd just all be in my head I suppose.

You weren't rude at all.

I would say I was bitter if I was an ex-HG booted early and looking for attention. I would say I was bitter if I didn't have an amazing life before and after my season :). But I actually won my season fair and square and like everyone else who tunes into the summer mayhem in the BB house, I have strong opinions. But they're just opinions.

You do have negative opinions on things/people right? Thank goodness we also have funny, positive, and indifference to choose from too! I think I hit all of those in every blog thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing and doing it openly! Oh, and lots of people actually care about me but thank you for the concern!

PS: I AM bitter tho that my period came unexpectedly this week...damn this teenaged body of mine.”
August 7, 2009 5:09 PM

So yeah. You’re right. Now I’m bitter. I would have LOVED to hung out with Jeremy Piven.

NATALIE: She is SUCH a nagging nagger nag! Naggity-naggity-nag, Naggy McNaggerson. HAHAHA. That was a little homage to Russellicious.

And what was up with her saying the house was like World War 5?! Um, did we skip a few wars here and there? Idiot.

But…HOLY EXCITEMENT on the Have Not America’s Choice?! They have “kimchi” as an option?! Woohoo for the Koreans! We’ve finally made it! For those of you who don’t know what the heck that is, I’ve included a picture.

Blah, blah, blah, Russell and Lydia are up on the block. Whatevs. I’m still on the kimchi thing. Hooray!

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