Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got It

For fun for travel for play for writing for pictures for me.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meatloaf, It's What's For Dinner

Individual ramekins of Meatloaf Goodness (mix: one row of crumbled saltines, 3 pounds of ground beef, ketchup, sauteed yellow and green pepper, sauteed vidalia onions and mushroom, shredded cheddar cheese, one egg)
with a side of Oven-roasted Veggies (bake red potatoes in olive oil and seasoning first then add "crunchy veggies and any fresh
herbs for final 25 minutes)
. Bake both for an hour on 375.

I added ketchup criss-crosses on top, you can skip or do something else.

PS: I also made a loaf of the metaloaf. But the individual ramekins are a nice touch for one-on-one meals :) Purrrrrrr

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Scaling back just a l'il bit.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Always Delish

Now, if you know me or know enough about me, it's that I love love love to eat. Good sh*t though.

Yuca Bar CONSISTENTLY has good food and...good portions :). I had a yummy brunch today, with equally yummy company. Could a girl ask for anything more?!?!

If you go, start with the empanadas. Like, seriously.

You might see me there on any given day tho I warn you (especially when Sergio is working ) :)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red and The Good Samaritan (Me)

1:17pm today. I'm walking up (down?) 14th Street. I see um a, lovely, creature in red at the corner of 14th and 1st.

Clearly lost and in a sea of spectators, s/he ("Red") was asking directions somewhere but noone was answering.

I'm nosy. And I'm ballsy. So I walked right up and asked "Where are you going?" Red answered "Con Edison" and I pointed east. Then I asked "Can I take a picture with you?"

And so, Red and I took a picture. I asked a woman walking by to take it. I am bossy. (and again, ballsy).
The woman who took the picture asked me afterwards if Red was famous. I said "Yes!"

Red, call me. I'll give you all $.08 in royalties I owe you on this one.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Try This at Home!

I am the proud new owner of a Portable Frigidaire Dishwasher. Yes, they exist. Previously I had only heard of this urban myth-of-a-household helper.

I won't be taking this dishwasher anywhere despite it being "portable". But I will be rolling it to and 'fro between my sink and pantry (where it is stored) like it's my JOB!

I just rolled it out for the first time and am face with 6 friggin' manuals?! But only two are in English so I'm assuming I'm off the hook for the other four. Right?!?!

This should be interesting, I get to handle a hose and pipe. I love being single on days like these.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Snuggie You, Snuggie Me

I don't know if it was the Pats loss or the sudden arrival of colder evenings. I was walking through Kmart in the morning (yes, exciting life is mine) and I saw boxes upon boxes of Snuggies!

But I couldn't do it Because I've been making fun of the fleece f*ckers since I first saw one in person. But I secretly coveted one.

My girlfriends Bachul and Nicole came over to watch the Giants game., watch John Madden scare children just at the sight of him?!

Somehow we got online to order Snuggies. Nicole swore there was a buy one-get one deal going on and I believed her. I believe most things that she shares. So I bought six. Yes, I went online to buy two, one for me and one for Nicole. And I bought S I X.

It's the deals they kept offering me!!!

I am a sucker. But I will be a snuggied sucker. Booyah.

B & N: I will alert you when ur new addition arrives in the mail. 2-6 weeks?!?! Sigh...I want one now.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

LAT: Living Apart Together

There's an Emily Ngo article in this morning's "amNY" on the subject
of couples staying together by living apart.

"Sociologists have a name for committed couples who live separately:

And i just thought it was still called "commitment phobia." This is
truly rocket science.

Having been there and done that, I realize this isn't about thinking
differently on where to live but HOW.


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Appetizing Appetizer

Whether you call it "Korean pancake" or "pajun" or "boo chim gae" it was what was the start to a lovely dinner last evening.Thank you for devouring everything I placed before you Kobi and Gina!

Although a Korean dish, the greens in the pancake are called "Chinese chives" or Gao Choy* (stronger in taste than chives in the US).

The accompanying sauce is homemade and fairly simple. Soy, white vinegar, sugar and chopped scallion...

*The leaves are flat and cook quickly. Be sure to use within 3 days as they are particularly fragile little fuckers. But they taste oh so good...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exciting News!

At least for me. There is a new addition to the Song family! My iPhone!

Now I can upload content while I'm walking the streets of NY. A regular street walker, that's me! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting My Shit Together

I wish everyone would make it a priority with me. Getting your shit together is beneficial to you and everyone else.

After a week in Mexico (8/29 - 9/5), family drama (mostly caused by my brother's gf), Labor Day weekend in South Hampton, attack of the clingy new boytoy, and a social butterfly of a girlfriend staying with me this past week (9/5 - 9/14), my shit is very loose.

I need to get it together.

Here are some highlights from my family (plus my brother's gf) vacation:


- Realizing I had taken over for my dad as the glue that holds our family together.
- Being one of the hottest things at that hotel, save for the jalapenos they laid into the salsa everyday. Holy burning booty hole the next day!
- Purchasing 3 new bikinis while there...and making 3 new friends too! Shout to Nina, Jos and Jo! I will never forget naked karaoke.


-Having a tiff with my brother's gf RIGHT before our trip...and harboring some hurt at the start of the trip.
- Having a tiff with my brother's gf on the SECOND TO LAST DAY of our trip...and now having to plot her fall from grace. Bleeding b*tches out slowly is what I do.

All in all, the staff at the hotel loved me, my boobs always looked great...

and I came home with a scandalous tan...

Oh, and my mom, my brother and I had an amazing time and only grew closer.

As for the rest, I'll deal with it my way.

I'm back kids, miss me?!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Holy Hotness That is Jeff - BB11 Eps 19 & 20 - Sun/Tue 8/23 & 8/25

Before we go any further, “I think everyone here knows that I’m not a ho”. I say that about once a week. Jordan actually means it when she says it though. I kid, I kid, I’m actually saving myself for marriage anyway.

I’m happy to report my move went smoothly, save for a few people in my life who flaked on me big time. Like, how rude. And like, I am the last person on the island of Manhattan you want putting you on their poop list. I missed my last blog because I was pinned underneath a few boxes, but I found my way out and I’m back!

I’ll touch on Sunday Night’s episode (aka The Night of Jeff, thank you thank you thank you CBS) a bit before I head into Tuesday Night’s.

HOH Competition: We learned that Jeff’s got rhythm (mmmhmm) and precision (hello, his fingers OWNING those tabs on the recycled cans was hot yes?!) and Natalie’s got none. Russell is like “a bull in a china shop” but no surprise there. I’m not judging. Russell as a bull does it for me. I like some variety you know?

Jeff’s “It was a long time waiting, I finally got it” after winning the HOH made me, for three seconds, think that he finally GOT SOME from Jordan. Then I regained my composure and realized he meant HOH. Phew. Crisis averted. Btw, is Jeff losing weight?! NO! Please make him eat more. It’s easy, just take some food away from Jordan’s gaping mouth and give it to Jeff!!!
Jeff’s “various stages of hotness” (Kevin’s words, not mine) will go down as the most satisfying 23 seconds of my BB-watching career. Yes, career, it’s like a fulltime job come summer time. Geez.

BEST QUOTE EVER goes to, of course, Jeff: “If I’m there for 7 nights, I’m not just making out the whole time.” This was in response to Jordan wanting him to take her with him on his prized trip to Hawaii. Like, seriously Jeff, if you took me I would thank you every second of the trip. Like, every second. Sigh. Unless you want to marry Jordan, well then, I would be happy for the both of you. But I still think you should have last fling with a cute Korean chick who won Big Brother. I know of one…you should know of me too…biblically.

Holy macaronis, can someone tell me where Jeff came from? Is Chicago “code” for The Whole Packageville?! I’ve been to Chicago, and I didn’t find no men like Jeff.

I’m not gonna lie. I felt all nervous inside watching clips of Jeff and Jordan’s first fight(s). I guess I DO want them to work out even if I’d be jealous of “Jordo”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being scolded every now and again. Okay, I like being scolded a lot. And if it was Jeff doing the scolding, then sign me up because mama needs some good punishment! I think Jeff is just completely frustrated and is letting it out. Good for him. He must have the bluest balls since Papa Smurf was rocking them hardcore.

It’s cute though that Jordan got all pouty and “threatened” to sleep downstairs with the rest of the HGs. Um, she got far, like to the edge of the bed. Love it. Break up…to make up…learn it, live it.

Did anyone else have trouble focusing on Kevin’s spotlight on his life and being gay? They put the camera on Russell for a bit, remember? And after that, all I could do was stare at Russell’s crotch?! Am I crazy?! Tell me I’m not alone! Oh, and also…did anyone else notice that weird bump in Jeff’s pants when he was sitting in that big swivel chair in HOH talking to Michele and Jordan? I know it was just the pants/zipper, but still.

My freaking mind is SO in the gutter this week…and every week…and I hope this never changes until I’m picking out a casket. Yes, I am going to pick out my own casket knowing my OCD a*s.
Sigh…the memories…this time my season it had been down to Me, Ali, Erika, Robert, Jee, Jack…and our little 6-some had paired up alliances too. Oh what fun it is to hide…in multiple alliance rides!

POV Ceremony: Hahahaha the bananas, I love it! They brought back Casey! I am so happy they did! How friggin’ funny that I said I wanted Casey back to host a wet t-shirt contest BB-style…and we get to have him host something after all?! OTEV! This was suoiralih. DEVOL TI! Okay, enough with the backwards spelling fad. I couldn’t help it tho!

How ironic that again, Natalie never got Jessie’s banana in the end. Loser. Loved It! And now SHE’S sporting the string-around-the-head thing?!

That’s it. Photo montage attached. Incidentally, the 5th girl is some random girl that I convinced my gf Gina (I have already promoted her awesomeness before) to take a picture of. We were at dinner having a wonderful conversation when I spotted the wench with a white string around her head. Like, WHY would you draw attention to your neck-up when you have no right?! Meaning, the 4th girl is yours truly…don’t forget my alias, Koreana: Warrior Princess.

Jeff grooving to Casey’s little raps? Hot! I wanna dance with him! He asked me to dance! It said on his t-shirt “Let’s Dance” as clear as day! Y’all just couldn’t see the “Jun” after it…it was invisible ink.

If this isn’t Jeff’s week, I don’t know what is. Hello HOH and POV Holder and winner of the KEY to my chastity belt? The one to my heart can come later. Like, when I actually meet him.
Another power play by Jeff, attempting to knock out the artist formerly known as the Mongoose who was formerly known as the Shotgun who was formerly known as the Russell the Love Muscle. Oy vey!

Let’s see what happens on Thursday kids!

PS: Big thank you to JulieB for leading me to all these great pictures I’ve been able to add to the blogs. Love you girl!

PPS: FYI, I will be roasting my Korean a*s in Mexico starting Saturday and then partying it up in S. Hampton for Labor Day weekend so the Thursday Live Show will be the last blog I write until after the holiday. Just giving y’all ample notice…where did I pick up “y’all” from all of a sudden?!?! Syn, do you see your affect on me?!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I HATE Excuses but...

I'm in the middle of a move and haven't been able to get online for any extended period of time. Be back soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Ew!" to the Live Show - BB11 Live Show and Eviction #7 - Thursday 8/20/09

I don’t get it. We get another live show that’s harder to watch than…um, Miami Social? And that’s saying A LOT folks.

Incidentally, I had to watch the live show the next day because I had to attend and initiation meeting. Initiation to what, you ask? A super-secret, super-cool, super-duper Scrabble Club! Woohoo!

I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda scared that I’d show up and have to take my clothes off in the middle of a circle of Scrabble worshippers or something. I even waxed a day early just in case. But it was just scrabble it turns out. Oh what fun. So I get home after FOUR HOURS of serious Scrabble (um, no one told me real sh*t was TIMED?! English is my second language! Hahaha).

I flip on the recorded live show and one of the first things I see is Chenbot with what looks like hair that’s 14 inches high?! I had to rewind and play again because I thought she was now a spokeswoman for Bumpit!

She looks so happy. She's rocking the whole glow thing. Very purty.

Sigh. Kevin is so cute. He really is. I feel like he’s cuter when he’s sad than when he’s happy. When he’s happy he’s just hilarious, but when he’s sad, well…he pulls at my heart strings.

Ew. I can’t believe Natalie asked Lydia how many times she hooked up with Jessie. Ew. Like, I seriously don’t need to know you know? Ew!!

Oh, and what, now all of a sudden Natalie and Lydia have a need to start “healing the wound that Jessie created?!” Ew! What wound? Was it a bite mark? Like, seriously? Those go away on their own, no need to be so dramatic you idiots.

Like seriously, we’re like 10 minutes into the show at this point and I’m doing my best to come up with some interesting sh*t.

Oh, now I remember. This was pretty interesting. Jordan shaving her legs in the bathtub?! Ew! The clip they showed was like 3 seconds but my reaction to it lasted at least 9 seconds. I was so grossed out! How do you SHAVE while you’re taking a bath?! All those little shavings being all up in your cho-cha, ew! Jordan, where did you learn that?! Ew Ew (this being a double-ew)

And then when Chenbot asks her about taking baths in the BB house, Jordan actually mentions shaving her legs in the HOH bedroom when Russell was HOH. It was as if Jordan was reading my mind and knew how grossed out I was. Again, ew!

Wait, have I mentioned how BORING this live show was?! It was really hard to keep my eyes open at 3am to watch it. Why 3am? Well, after Scrabble my girlfriend Gina (um, btw, an AMAZING catch) and I went for late-night Korean food. We went to a spot in K-town (Korea, not Kevin) where the last time I was there I was sitting one table away from Chef Morimoto. Fun!

Okay, clearly, I’m filling in a lot of personal stuff in this blog because we’re like 18 minutes into the live show and coming up with entertaining writing is proving quite difficult. It’s like the first day of 3rd grade again and writing an essay about what you did over the summer. Like, at age 8 any of the essays are going to be very interesting?! I would always write about summer camp and my mom sending me off with 300 pairs of underwear. If you have yours still, send it to me and I will be the judge, haha.

Oh wait, wait…it’s the POV Competition! How exciting! Not. Oh good lord, it went on forever and then it got down to Michele and Jordan. I wish the Chenbot had them hosed down wet t-shirt style…then Casey could have popped out and MC’d! Now THAT would have been a tie-breaking treat.

Like seriously, when Lydia got booted, and Natalie thanked everyone I thought she was going to break out a chest bump! Ew. She scares me. I’m afraid she could bruise me with one finger.

But then again, I bruise easy. I just do. My mom always asks me why I have what looks like finger prints on my neck, except they’re bruises.

I nearly fell off my couch when Lydia talked a big talk about needing ice packs in the sequester house. Not because I fell asleep. But who is Lydia kidding? Those ice packs will be used to cool down and ease the swelling of, um, body parts I bet. Ew. After all, I think she and Jessie will hug it out as soon as she gets there. I think I’m gonna use that…”I need a hug” will be code for “`I need…”

Um, Chenbot, say what? Recycling has been a theme this summer? Right. I think Recycling Crazies has been the theme my asian sister-from-another-mother.

Speaking of mothers, I’m always talking about mine. The proof is in the pudding (recent picture of my momz attached, and we are all natural baby).

OKAY. This was the stupidest HOH Competition ever. It’s very similar to the one from my season where we had to drop ping-pong balls one at a time out of water coolers into tubes. Like, ew, this competition seemed so ghetto (and not in a fabulous way!)! Bootleg Big Brother!

And this show didn’t even give us enough of the HOTNESS Factor (aka Jeff and Russell hotness)!!! It really didn't. I feel cheated.

This show was a mess. I don’t want to say it, but I miss Chima. HAHAHAHAHA. Ew, did I really say that?

PS: I am in the middle of a move so please excuse the brevity and otherwise diary room session type of blog this time. Sigh. I am the busiest unemployed chick I know…but happiest!

PPS: How many "Ew"s can you count in this one blog?

I Think I'm Gonna Get Lasik

Anyone out there have it? Thoughts? Tips? Yay? Nay?

While I was researching, all these weird ads popped up...boob job stuff...lipo stuff...epicanthal fold stuff (if you don't know what this is):

From Wikipedia (epicanthal fold) - An epicanthic fold, epicanthal fold, or epicanthus is a skin fold of the upper eyelid (from the nose to the inner side of the eyebrow) covering the inner corner of the eye. In some Asian ethnicities, the presence of an epicanthic fold is associated with a less prominent upper eyelid crease, commonly termed "single eyelids" as opposed to "double eyelids".

Basically, mad Asians get this surgery to look more "western", whatevs.

So then, this picture kept popping up about some Asian chick who got all these plastic surgeries to look like a white chick! I don't know who she is, but damn, she must be loaded cuz she's come a long way! So I had to share :).

I just want to get Lasik.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Menace to BB Society - BB11 Ep 17 - Tuesday 8/18/09

So, back in 2003, I had to fill out what seemed like an encyclopedia of an application.

When asked “What is your motto?”

I answered “What goes around really does come right back around.”

Back to present day. I still believe it. If you are a facebook user you will see my quote is "What goes around definitely comes right back around, seriously." My point? It’s woven all over the place into this blog.

Enough ConfuJunism. Onto the Tuesday night show talk.

FACT: A friendship with Chima is not worth $500K according to Michele. Is there anyone out there who will start the bid at $500K then?! Going…going…

FICTION: Chima “left” the game on her own accord.

WHAT?! Expelled? Ahem. Chima was expelled?! Yes. I see.

I love that CBS not only put it out there, but they BACKED IT UP. We ALL know that Chima’s next move would have been to say she “planned” her “voluntary departure” by throwing her microphone in the water (clear violation of contract).

So CBS shows footage from four other days during the course of the season to show this isn’t the first time Chima’s broken the rules. And apparently, they’re okay with showing that they ALLOWED her to break them? Hmmm, okay.

BTW, did you guys catch the 60 Minutes on Sunday with Chris Martin? Remember he shows us Coldplay’s list of rules and says “The rules are important”?! Sigh. He’s so smart. He totally called it, even if he didn’t know it.

Anywho, not to digress. Chima can’t say she had “planned” her exit with all her antics either. I mean, really? You went into this thinking you were going to “threaten” a broadcasting system that’s existed since 1928?! No. Exactly.

Boy was someone high on the food chain pissed off about this one. We got to see Chima finally enter the Diary Room only to be told to use the door and get the f*ck out. Ouch. Yum. That was delish.

Dear Chima,

If you wanted to go down in infamy, you could have at least had a piece of Russell and quenched all our thirsts for what that would be like. Even a morsel…a nibble, a suckle…ANYTHING. Damn you woman! You couldn’t let us live vicariously?!

This show is entertaining and all, but when you walk in that BB door you have to say buh-bye to many basic rights. I don’t think Chima is capable of this…sure for a few weeks. And I don’t see her as a “sore” loser. I think Lydia’s a sore loser. I think Chima needs more time and healing from her horrendous experience (her brutal rape).

In anticipation of writing this next blog, I re-watched last week’s episode where Chima tells us all about it. Yes, I did. It made me rethink my take on her “expulsion” from the house.

I think she needs to start talking to someone. I’m not a fan of medicating an illness at first blush, but she should to start talking to someone. Losing control during a brutal rape then regaining it to the point of having such control issues is what probably drove her to madness in this game.
I hope she’s with her family and shutting out the world. At least for a while.

Muah-hahaha. What a loser. Don’t jump all over me, you are technically a loser. Loser. So glad you got some reality knocked into you. Take it and run with it. I will watch you on the next Charm School for “The Girls of Big Brother.” I promise. Take a break and we’ll see you in the fall.

FACT: 99% of the loudspeaker messages in the BB house are recorded. This is, as my mom would call it, a “neh-suss-suh-rhee” (necessary) evil. There’s no human that would be able to repeat “Chima, please put on your microphone” in a steady tone of voice with all her antics. (Btw, there is no “v” in Korean so my mom also butchers “evil.” Ah, what fun.)

FICTION: Allison Grodner does not have tons of free time (therefore, the fact that she had to take time out of her full life to come talk to Chima is, as Kevin would say, REdonkulous!!

FACT: Team Spunk has lost all sense of reality. Or they’ve got Early-Onset Alzheimer’s (relax, my grandpops is a sufferer). Um, the roles are merely reversed and they can’t seem to handle the pain! Kevin is so sad. He makes me sad too because it’s so genuine. I would be sad if my chances at being in a majority group died. Chima totally screwed them.

FICTION: Team Spunk has the potential to come back and redeem themselves. Oh, and Chima did a great job representing strong women.

I wanted to throw something at my television watching that Natalie / Lydia / Kevin Debate of Big Brother 2009. It was entertaining to watch, but I felt like I was wasting precious seconds of my life that I could have used to make money.

NATALIE: I hope Natalie goes home and watches every second of footage of herself. Even if she doesn’t learn a major lesson, perhaps she’ll learn something. During the house meeting, she had the nerve to look PISSED that she was being taken off the block?! And then this creepy crawly smile found it’s way to her face. Oh, so after learning there’s an HOH and Michele can’t compete you’re all smiley smiles? Blech.

Poor Michele, her power and privileges were short-lived but at least she got “rid” of Chima right?

And I suppose, according to Natalie’s theory, this is where Michele is supposed to break all the rules and it be okay?

HOH Competition aka JEFF time: Um, Jeff looked delicious in his golf gear. He looked like a cajun ribeye with the bone in it. I always like working that bone to make sure I got the meat. NEVER leave protein unfinished.

As homage to my last blog…and to the 90 degree weather we’ve been having here in NY, I have transformed Jeff into a yummy popsicle. I will be taking orders soon, so you will have to act fast!

This man’s got skillz! Holes-in-one all over the place! I want Jeff to score my hole-in-one. He is F*CKING amazing. And most people might thing his “K-town!” was meant for Kevin, but it was actually meant for me. Koreatown!

OMG, AND he’s an ass-smacker! HELLO! I want one NOW, I don’t care how much shipping and delivery is. I know a good deal when I see one, and Jeff is it.

FACT: I am way into both Jeff and Russell.

FICTION: I want to MARRY both Jeff and Russell. No, no, no. On the contrary, I want Jeff to be my baby daddy / hubby and I want Russell to be my trainer / bodyguard / cabana boy / wrestling coach.

I am having images of Jordan joining in on my fun too…but I would probably gag her to start.

Um, LYDIA: Claiming America handed Jess Coup de Crap power was kinda funny, but only long enough for me to swallow. This girl’s got lower tolerance for alcohol than I do, or she has a drinking problem. I wonder which CBS wants us to believe.

Those must have been some potent mimosas because girlfriend got BELLIGERENT!

And I, for one, was happy she got the Super Hero Unitard. I think she is the only one left in the house who could rock it as an outfit and not as a costume!

WTF happened during that HOH Competition? I was possessed by Cruella, she was possessed by Chima!

JORDAN: Poor baby Jordan got bullied by Lydia big time! She was called, EGADS, a “ho-puppet!” I mean, I get it. Lydia said Jordan’s a “ho” and she’s Jeff and Russell “puppet” therefore the math tell us that she’s a “ho-puppet.”

The important thing here is whether this alleged ho-puppet is a marionette or a muppet. Because to me, a ho who’s a puppet is more a finger puppet than anything else. Then hell, I’m guilty too! Insert fingers and add vocals right? Haven’t we all been ho-puppets then? I know I enjoy being one.

Holy Volatility! Post-HOH Competition was insane! Michele was awesome, and for the first time she seemed alive!

I needed a diaper-change after Jeff yelled at Lydia to “Get comfortable. You ain’t going nowhere.” All he needed to do was yank out handcuffs from his back pocket and I would have put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign up on my door. As a matter of fact, I am going to look for fresh batteries now in preparation for the Live Show. Come on Jeff, do it for mama.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speak For Yourself (LITERAL)

What happened to just being yourself and for noone else? Why must people try to "stand for" anything more than just themselves? MOST OF YOU CAN'T. I don't want to.

It would make speaking for yourself easier.

When you "claim" to "represent" a certain group then you need to take responsibility for the consequences.

Because of certain irresponsible parties, the women's movement can be knocked back 50 years.

Check out swimwear circa 1959. Not cool.

Imagine tan lines that make our limbs dark, bellies white, and T & A pasty?! OH, THE HORROR! I KNOW neither the ladies NOR the gents want this.

So next time you want to "stand for" something, stand for silence and just focus on fixing yourself first.

That's why I can never represent anyone really. It's like setting yourself up for failure. I'd rather rock at being myself, noone can take that away from me and I get all the credit. Booyah.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cruella Deville Is In the House! - BB11 Ep 16 - Sunday 8/16/09

I knew there would be nothing on Sunday’s show about Chima’s disappearance. Still, I kept wishing some glitch in the system would give us something early. Sigh.

I was also waiting for some National Geographic style moments since Chima promised us “wild animal style” the prior week, but still, nothing. Sigh.

Major disappointment all-around. Not a complete wash though.

I still had a good night though. Highlight of my evening was being possessed for a few seconds. I swear, Cruella Deville took hold of my body Sunday night. When the hags were crying over Jessie, I let out this really guttural cackle that took me by surprise! I sounded so evil!

It was like, I couldn’t wait to get pen to paper and cruciblog Natalie, Chima and Lydia! Can you believe the TEARS they shed for him?!

Sigh, can we talk about how HOT Jeff was that whole time Chima was trying to break him down? Like, his body language was perfection! NEVER let them see your body react, it’s like blood to a CHark, I mean shark.

He made my panties feel too tight as he stood his ground. HAWT! I mean COME ON Chimacus, even Jessie managed to get out a “It’s a good move…” to Jeff!

CHIMA: She was SO articulate Sunday evening.

“Russell, kiss my a*s.” Who can blame her right?! Russell can be so intense. He just jumps from zero to $500K in 2 seconds!

“Jeff, shut the f*ck up.” Well then. I am glad Chima let out her feelings in real time.

I envy Chima. It must be so refreshing to be able to do that without fear of recourse. She is SUCH a strong woman that way isn’t she? Sigh…she’s swell.

The section above was the nice version of the Chima Review.

NATALIE: Wahhh, wah, wah…there’s no such thing as “bad versus good” in the BB house my precious little angel. Get with the program! And if you can’t, then work on your presence in a room - ahem, starting with LESS of it.

I swear Natalie made my glass of milk curdle every time she spoke! Yes, I was having milk because yes, I was having cookies.

CHIMA: Really a-hole?! Jessie’s departure was like a family member dying? I took so much offense to that I almost forgot what year it was.

Oh, and all this big talk about woman power. Oh, so is that what strong women do? Gamble 100% on one outcome and then call someone a terrorist thinking you’re in the clear?

Chima said she “believes in karma.” Um, yes. I am glad you do. Do you believe in it for everyone?! Meaning: It applies to you too a-hole.

This part has been the less-than-nice-but-still-nice version of the Chima Review.

LYDIA: HOLY COW. Ohhhh, so Jessie got in your heart, not your head?! Is that why you’re bawling like Dae Yum Yum ran away with that little whore Yae Dum Dum?! Sigh. Unicorns are so fickle.

JEFF: You can semantics if YOU want! Someone please please please put that on a child’s XL t-shirt and send it to me! I will pay for raw materials and shipping! But don’t have some child or illegal immigrant do it please, it would hurt my heart. Unless you didn’t tell me, then it would be okay I guess.

O-O-O-Who’s that boy with the Coup D’Etat Cookie?
Lickin' up the creamy power
Like before his clique went coward
Oh, that yummy O-O-O-Coup-D’Etat!

Oreos always did it for me as a kid. Jeff satiates the kid in me NOW. His “I think we’re getting paranoid” to Russell made me love him even more. As cool as a cucumber he is. As nourishing as a banana he is. As refreshing as a popsicle…etc., etc., etc.

CHIMA: Sigh. You know, I was thinking that sometimes Chima looks really pretty. Sometimes. Depending on the camera angle and the amount of blotter diminishing the shine on her face. Sometimes.

This was the indifferent version of the Chima Review.

MICHELE: I fell asleep with my eyes open as she read the cue card hosting the Have Not Competition. My contacts got all dried out and discombobulated that it made me see 4 Chimas for a split second. It’s all Michele’s fault.

Her screeching “Mon-DAYYY?! Tues-DAYYY?!?! Wednes-DAYYY?!...”gave me indigestion. That, and all the butter I had on my baked potato tonight. Yum.

I felt bad that warmth of Michele’s sweet and victorious HOH room unveiling was cooled down by all the gameplay. Call me crazy, but I thought Lydia was kinda sincere during that event? But still. This house is BROKEN right now.

My mom loves to “lee-tun” broken things btw. She gets all intense like she’s fighting some monster or something. “It’s only a return mom, relax, you don’t even have the receipt for it!” But she always gets her way somehow. And the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree did it?

Hey, did anyone else notice that “Bring It On” by Braden? (For the record, I typed out “Branden” at first before checking myself. So sad that most people won’t even remember him come next year. His “Bring It On” was reminiscent of a game show from the 80s…like Double Dare or something. Sigh.

JESSIE’S SPUNK: Watching these three girls “toast” Jessie was like tripping on ecstasy. There was nothing hostile in my brain, just lots of other feelings. My sweet younger cousin, Miran, was visiting and we watched the show together actually.

I couldn’t even look my cousin in the eye because I was so embarrassed for them. And I’ve been ON the show. Like, these are the chicks that have evolved from seasons past?! Ew! They are like those folks that bring the real estate value down in your neighborhood. I am a BB alum and I want to be proud! Ew.

KEVIN: OMG. His “REdonkulous” faces had me LOVING him! He is right on about the way Jessie’s Spunk was carrying on. Like, really?!

I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight that Kevin come entertain me for one night!
(Do stay out of the sun though Darling Kevin, you’re getting discoloration on your forehead! Don’t forget you’re “blackinese” and therefore, susceptible to sun damage!)

Kudos to the sound / editing crew at CBS for all the wonderful soundtracks this summer. All the violin music, sound effects, dramatic overtures, they’ve all been great! ESPECIALLY that Nickelodeon-wanna-be sound when we saw the “CHAOSSEROLE!!!” Brilliant! Loved it! Made me want to enter that house for one more food competition! Not!

Could the HGs have been anymore angry and cranky during the Have Not Competition?! Kevin calling Lydia “barky” and “butchy” was superb. A++ to Kevin.

Jeff and Jordan are ADORABLE. I feel like a broken record. Sigh. Reminds me of my old records…my fav being “Wham!” with “Wake me up before you go-go…” I miss records. I will, however, miss the J&J wedding if in fact it happens. It would hurt too much to watch.

I am SO SO SO happy that Michele won. I can’t believe Natalie was trying to tell her who to “forgive” or not. Puh-lease, keep walking with that testosterone Natalie, nobody wants to hear it here.

Um Chima’s “You do what you want” to Michele? Yes. Exactly. And then she breaks out with a menacing “You’ve been forewarned…” to Michele? Are you kidding me?! Chima meant “forehead” right?! “You’ve been forehead?!”

NOMINATION CEREMONY: The order Michele goes in is totally personal which I found so ironic given her speech. I mean, the order in which the keys are pulled is VERY telling. INTENSE. That Ceremony was crazy stressful! One of the better ones I think.

Sigh…Russell carried the Nomination Box back for Michele. HAWT. You have no idea how heavy that friggin’ thing is. But he didn’t think twice to carry it for her so she could walk off like the lab technician she is. Right. And I’m just okay in bed.

PS: There is no racist version of the Chima Review to be found! For more on my thoughts surrounding last week’s “racist” accusations, you can check out my personal blog. Thank you to everyone who is supportive. It will take a HECK of a lot more to “scare” me away from anything tho. Ask my lawyer. Teehee.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Racist" = Over Used! Especially in the Big Brother World.

I am a

sexist for objectifying Jeff the way I do. He is more than welcome to reciprocate.

bi-thiest because I also "worship" Russell. And I regularly carry out multiple hubby scenarios in my head (also makes my a polygamist I think).

resistentialist for believing Chima is an “inanimate” object displaying malice towards humans. Oh, and a bigforeheadaphobist too I am.

trialist because I truly believe that Michele never has all three components together at once (mind, body and spirit). The girl always seems to have a disconnect somewhere!

nativist, because as much as I harp on Jordan’s lack of conventional intellect, I know she was born that way. We can’t fault her for that. Lord knows you can’t buy FBS (Fluffy Brain Syndrome) at a store, it’s something you’re born with.

stoicist for wishing Lydia a current of electric shock every time she gets all sappy about Jessie. UGH. Stop it!

somatist, because despite my best efforts at “digging” on Kevin, the only things I can ever come up with are fashion-related. So I’m a little materialistic too.

pejorist because I truly don’t believe I could ever like Natalie. Never, It’s not going to happen, and I’m pretty open-minded about a lot of things. Oh god, I'm sounding old.

...adevist for not believing in Jessie…you know, the myth, the man, the legend?

And last but not least I am a REALIST. Please, join me. Sign up. It’s free.

With all that out of the way now, please be rest assume that I am NOT a racist. Ask anyone who has spent longer than an elevator ride with me and you will know that. Unless you don’t WANT to believe that I am not. In that case, I can’t help you.

F*ck off my air supply. Save it for someone who DIDN’T grow up the only Korean girl in the lower east side in the 80s!

Now, let’s move on so I can continue to share with those who read willingly.

PS: Clearly this is in response to being called a "racist" in my writing related to BB11 Houseguests. Whatevs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey Darwin, how do you like them apples? Vogue Evolution + Beyonce = FUN

I watched tonight's episode (the second) and loved that it was Beyonce's Challenge. Vogue Evolution made me sqeaul. You know, like that special squeal. But not.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Heart Allison Grodner - BB11 Live Show & Eviction #5 - 8/13/09

Minnie Mouse said last night: “Jeff has it. Jessie fears it. Russell and Lydia desperately need it.”

Balls?! I clearly remember Chi-chi-chi-chima pet (thanks Scott) screeching “grow a pair” to Russell!

No, no, no, I know Chenbot was referring to Jeff having the Coup D’etat. I usually tune her out, but for whatever reason I hit rewind to hear that first line again. And for whatever reason, it had a hint of sex in it “jeff has it…russell and lydia desperately need it.” Am I crazy? I know someone out there agrees with me.

I am convinced Chenbot’s dress was designed by The Fashion Show Finalist James-Paul.

Wow, did we really hit Day 40 already?! And, um, was this the live show amazing or what?! Totally rivaled Marcellus not using the Golden POV on himself that live night many moons ago…ahem, Season 3.

There was a point watching the show where I thought “Wow, Kevin’s lower lip is super full and juicy why did I never notice that?” Oh, but then HEma’s face popped up on my screen and f*ck if anyone has fuller lips than that queen. I remembered that why I’ve never noticed anyone else’s lips. Not even Jeff’s. But that’s because I’m just “imagining” them.

And really, the split screen of the Kevin and Chima last night? Kevin’s yellow plaid shirt / purple and grey scarf and Chima’s blue dress and matching eye shadow looks like vomit all over my television screen. Just wrong. Turned my stomach.
Speaking of stomachs, I was nibbling on yummy thai food while watching the show with my buddy Brian last night. Sigh. Big Brother + Thai food + Cute Gay Buddy = Happy Thursday

THANK YOU to the genius in the editing room for airing Jeff’s “I love love love…” again. I am beginning to think you read my blog and enjoy making me squeal like a naughty immigrant with your clever little edits. Sigh. I am now developing a crush on you whoever you are…I don’t know why I’m assuming you’re male, but just let me run with this one.

NATALIE: “Jessie and I…Jessie and I…me and Jessie…” Yeah. Basically, she was saying that she and Jessie were failing, at LIFE.

JESSIE: The dude must have a paid endorsement for Kleenex because he was CRYING like a vegan baby at meal time! Sidenote, it looks like he’s lost some weight, poor thing.

I’d like to know his reading level. Not because I don’t think he’s smart enough to read, but I just don’t think he can think ahead when he’s speaking. It’s like his brain will only think in real-time one word at a time. And this is important stuff we’re talking about. It’s the difference between giving someone Harry Potter on dvd or hardcover, it’s that serious.

RUSSELL: “Boohoo, go get Natalie to massage your back” to Jessie. That was awesome. What was NOT? “You look beautiful tonight” to Chenbot. Like really Russell?! WHY are you spelunking along that dark path to her large intestine?!

I am typing this next part standing up. Because when I watched it, it made me stand up. I was out of my chair pacing and pointing at my tv cackling as I watched this next part.

JESSIE v RUSSELL: Yeah. Russell’s “What’s the problem right now” was sexylicious. You could see the dread and fear in Jessie’s eyes. It’s like he was somewhere else ( 4th grade?) . Russell totally won that schoolyard fight. The whole encounter made Jessie ill later that day. He overdosed on his own adrenaline I think.

JEFF: I have never felt so strong for a BB man (Roddy Mancuso still has my heart, but he won’t give me the time of day, ) in all the seasons of BB.

Jeff completes me. He just does. Well, at least for the role of my “tv husband.” Cuz you know we ladies all have “work” husbands, and “bbdish” husbands, and “church” husbands…gosh, this reminds me of “forest” husbands from that movie at the beginning of the year, Defiance. I think I’m one of 238 people who actually watched it.

CHIMA: She says “When I take pictures, I Photoshop it.” Well, now we know how she got on.
Her grandparents had me ROLLING on the floor choking. I’m sure the maryjane caused the coughing, but the laughing definitely had me choking.

How friggin’ CALM were they watching Chima’s fighting?! Grandpa cracked me up with his little comments. They are a great peanut gallery. Seriously, they need to get with VH1’s Best Week Ever and entertain us for years to come. Screw “Frangela”, though I do love them I do. I wonder if I could have my cake and eat it too.

I am in NO way insulting Chima’s grandma in ANY way. But I SWORE (on my newest shoe purchase - Miu Miu) that I saw her today. I was walking down Park Avenue (of course) looking majorly fierce when I turned to my left and saw this woman who looked JUST LIKE her. I nearly dropped my iced caramel macchiato as I dug in my purse for my camera. I think I broke out into a glisten (I don’t sweat) before realizing it was just some other cute grandmother walking around the nyc.

I wonder how many more times Chima would have said “inevitably” had the interview been longer. GEEZ.

So. Back to JEFF: He seriously gave me heart palpitations last night with his holy hotness. I am not ashamed to admit that I still haven’t regained muscle control of my tongue after the electrocution last night. I don’t have to tell you how.

I went and licked my television (only where Jeff’s face was tho, nowhere else, NOWHERE ELSE), I got so excited at the way he handled his Coup. And the static field on my flat screen sent a shock into my tongue that my poor Korean ass had smoke coming out of it. I don’t care. It was worth it. What’s a little electric shock?

“Feel the block…feel the pain,” Jeff said. I, for one, would LOVE to feel his block. Besides, Jordan and I have so much in common I don’t see why he COULDN’T swap her out for me once the show is over. I have a picture to prove it see?

Lydia’s face was priceless. Chima’s face was priceless. Natalie’s was clearly worth $500K from the look on her face. It was like watching an auction at Christie’s…although I’m more a Sotheby’s kinda girl.

OMG, did Chenbot refer to Chima as the Deep Throat HOH?! Oh, Oh. “Dethroned” HOH... gotcha. Phew, I thought Chenbot was the only one having hot flashes.

JESSIE: WTF was that parting speech he gave?! My MOTHER could have given a more coherent speech in her KONGLISH (Korean-English)!

Like, seriously, he was rambling on and on like the time he looked down and couldn’t see his pubes past his pecs for the first time! And that T-SHIRT he “changed” into?! I thought for a split second he was taking his top off all-together. Maybe that would have been better. I can’t believe him. But then again, I realize he probably doesn’t walk around flexing in real life. Sigh.

When Jessie got booted I could barely swallow the bite of Thai Curry Puff that was in my mouth I was so excited! Oh good lord, have I already mentioned that this has been like the best live show ever (yes yes Marcellus, relax boo, you’re still my number one)?!

CHIMA: “Looks like me and the producers need to have a bit of a talk.” Really Chima?

Let me tell you something. The producers don’t really give a fork what you have to say. GET OVER yourself.

You need people (i.e. the producers, CBS, the American public) more than they need you. And further more: Behaving like they need you more than you need them will get you a one-way ticket out. When you test limits don’t cry at the results is all I’m saying.

Think about this one dear Chima. Think about it in a dark and damp cave filled with hibernating bears. Stay there until spring time.

HA. I heard Jessie’s tears flooded the set. They need to get it re-carpeted now. I hope they take it out of his stipend.

HOH Competition was great. Very telling, etc…Michele’s win was like AWK-ward! But what’s new with that chick?! This is going to be a great week. This season is turning out to be one of the most entertaining EVER! Like, ever!

PS: I love love love that Kevin kisses his ring. That’s so sweet to see, I hope his boo is loving it too! Um, Double Live Eviction next week? Sign me up for THAT.
PPS: Yes, Chima's gone. Can't believe it but can. More next blog.

My First Dime!

Thank you to my "angel" investor. I received my first dime through paypal, and I have to say I am too excited for words! It's really a belated birthday gift isn't it?! Isn't it?! I love it! It's just what I wanted!

Culinary School here I come! Love you Mike!

Friday, August 14, 2009

What's YOUR Paternal Grandma Like?

I didn’t know my parents for the first 3 years of my life. All I knew until the age of three was my grandmother, my paternal grandmother. That’s because my parents decided to leave me in Korea at birth to come prepare a life for me in NY.

Ah, my grandmother…I don’t even remember her really because I was too young. But I do have really fuzzy pictures in my mind though…things like her breasts being really long (back then I knew nothing of “sagging”) and her face always looking sad too, kinda like her breasts I guess.

I know she loved the hell out of me though…and she was a bad-ass grandma too. She smoked cigarettes and cussed all those nasty Korean cusses, oh, and she hustled people. Whatevs. She did. Especially in Hwa-t'u (pronounced hwah-toh) I guess you could compare it to poker…meets the game of memory…yeah, but with serious Korean attittude. Some of the "playing cards" pictured up to the left.

By the way, if you use the sound “toh” on its own, it actually means vomit. So be careful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh HUBERT! Call me!

I nearly dropped my doobie watching the last Top Chef Masters. The blindfold taste-testing challenge?

Hubert Keller: "Kelly [Choi] putting the blindfold on me, that was probably the best part of the challenge."

Oh really Hubert?! I have lots of blindfolds. Call me!

The House of (Black and) Blues - BB11 Ep 14 - Tue 8/11/09

In response to the overwhelming response of responses regarding my Kimchi comment. For the record, I am not a “lover” of kimchi, but certainly can enjoy it 2-3 times a month. But that's why I want the HGs to have to eat that sh*t for a week!

Now, I AM a lover of other things, and I get as much of that sh*t as much as I can. We can discuss offline.

I will quote my good friend Dr. Seuss (IndigoPrince, we think alike):

I would not, could not, in my house.
I could not, would not, with BB louse.
I will not eat it with a boy.
I will not eat it with rice or soy.
I will not eat it here or there.
I will not eat it anywhere.
I do not eat that foul kimchi.
I do not like it, Jun-I-be!

You know the house is an unstable one when before the show even begins, our narrator tells us “All Hell Broke Loose.”

Serious question. Are Chima’s boobs real? I was debating this with my little mama while watching this episode. I said no, she seemed to think yes. Verdict anyone?

I’m not gonna lie. I tried the look the ladies on the show have been rocking lately. You know. Tying string around your head across the forehead? Yeah. Um. I recently received a box of truffles (thank you Indira!) and I took the brown ribbon on the box and tied that sh*t around my head.

It was wrong. I looked like I was a rice paddy worker by day and Koreana: Warrior Princess by night.

I am all for Chima wearing a hat though.

RUSSELL: I wish he had an on/off switch readily available to prevent all the rumbles. I can't tell if it's part of his strategy or he's just been lucky in getting away with his losses in temper. I mean, I know I told him I like space, but daddy's burning the roof of mama's mouth!

Damnit. I screwed myself. I keep picturing Russell as the mongoose. I should have never doctored that picture, it keeps popping up randomly when I’m looking at my albums. If he grows anymore facial hair, he’s gonna totally distract me from his yumminess!

MICHELE: Michele, physics? Designing and creating? WTF do those have to do with what the mongoose is asking you?! And her hosting job of the POV Competition was as awkward as most any footage that can be found of her. She’s disappointing me a bit, I thought she’d be funnier. In general. I mean, I'm not gonna ask for a refund quite yet, but i'm holding on to that receipt. I know my rights damnit! This is America!

“What’s up nutcase?” Hahahaha, Russell sure knows how to push Michele’s buttons. I’m gonna use that one! I will wait for the perfect moment in the next few days and use it. I will.

Oh good lord. This house is a crew of misery isn’t it? Have some fun kids! Relax! They looked like tortured souls prepping for the POV competition. I mean like, really, there are worse things going on but when you’re in that house your woes consist of only BB sh*t.

I mean, they have no idea that Douchebag Ed screwed Jillian over. The Swine Flu Summit happened in um, Mexico. AND. Marky Mark is now a married man.

Thank goodness some chicken wire and feathers lightened the mood. Funny how the guys in the competition were much more adept with maneuvering their fingers around those little confined spaces? Not surprising though.

NATALIE: Watching Natalie fail repeatedly during the POV made me feel like I won the lottery. Not a major one. But enough to buy some Louis Vuitton luggage not flinch.
Speaking of Natalie, JESSIE: It’s funny how he is so focused and all about the eye contact when it’s his agenda. But when someone’s trying to talk HIM, he is SO dismissive to the point of rude! Haha. Come on dude, at least TRY harder for strategy’s sake! You’re so easy to read.

BEST QUOTE OF THE NIGHT goes to KEVIN: “I have tiny asian hands.” Sigh. Oh the places I could go with this. Picture on my brain attached…I can’t help it! The girl can't help it!

CHIMA: Her face revealed the truth during that fight with Russell. I watched the scene and thought something was off. Then Carolyn, my BB guardian angel, told me there had been some heavy editing done. Me no likey. Yes, Russell’s been pretty explosive on more than one or four occasions, but Chima’s use of “terrorist” was intentional. Own it HE-ma, don’t go back peddling…unless it’s off the BB set.

LYDIA: Oh, I see she went to American Apparel before heading into the house. I can’t tell if it’s the circle scarf of the hooded scarf she’s rocking. I was just in there today (and a week ago, I have a weakness for shopping in stores that attract pedophiles apparently)…and I saw it hanging on the rack. I thought about buying it. For like 12 seconds, and then didn’t.

Kevin!!! Did you REALLY not use the veto on your bff?! You are such a “poopy bear!” I told my momz and she was like “Leally?! Like, leally?! That’s not the nice!”

PS: I would like someone to grant my wish. I would like to be either Russell’s or Jeff’s t-shirt for a day. Preferably on a day when they’re sweating a lot.

PhD in Life but a GED in Love

Really? Really? My stomach aches a bit…but then so does my chest and gosh, it’s not painful, it’s just there. Just there. Sitting there and chilling like it’s its job. It’s its job. That sounds funny, yet it’s grammatically correct. I just, well, miss him.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kimchi! Please let it be KIMCHI!! - BB11 Ep 13 - Sun 8/9/09

I hate it that Jessie thinks he’s a walking fortune cookie.

“Vengeance will be sought out and revenge will be sweet …All I have is popsicle sticks and bubble gum...” Shut up. We get it. Ugh. Just shut up. And while I’m at it, WHY doesn’t someone in that damn house tell Natalie it’s “supposedly” and not “supposably”?!?!

Just an FYI I’ve spent the last 19 hours recovering from my first food poisoning experience.

I wonder if the pain and suffering could be compared to natural childbirth? I thought I was going to DIE and all I thought was “my blog, who’s gonna write my blog?!” Well, not really. But I was thinking about all the unfinished business I’d be leaving behind (and I don’t mean the shit I was vomiting and well, you get it).

So…armed with diluted Gatorade and too many bananas for one petite Korean chick, I turned on my DVR and finally finished last night’s show. Last night’s episode gave me a brilliant idea. Facebook should have a relationship status : Arch Nemesis (Lydia and Natalie, really?) I think it would take off! Who would be YOUR arch nemesis?

JEFF: Sigh…Jeff’s poker face is amazing. His face is just amazing actually. I can’t believe he’s been able to keep such a secret from the entire house. When he says “love love love” I feel like it’s a shout-out to me, just me. Because I say “love love love” all the time!

And the way he eats, oh so sexy. He is so protective of Jordan and it's a joy to watch, it really is. Clearly, I am in Love Jeff mode, just put it on vibrate and leave me be.

CHIMA: “Our family is small but very strong woman.” I believe her. Her letter from home was wonderful. I’m not going to lie.

I watched 15 minutes of the show last night with some BB newbies, and when I say newbie I mean it. Think back to the first time you used a condom…you knew of them, what they did, what they looked like. But no one told you they felt like sh*t, smelled like crap and tasted like…never mind. I am TOTALLY going off on a tangent. Anyway, they appreciated my inside scoop and commentary I provided while we watched. I also told them I was dreading having to be NICE to Chimapuss on this blog.


Back to Chima. WOAH. Wow she shared something big with the house eh? That story of her brutal raping by a serial killer made my stomach gurgle again, it’s scary. And it wasn’t just the music CBS provided to go with her story. It made me want to get to know her because up until now I’ve only seen a shell.

And she will probably win the season. I just really want her to let shit down a little more so we can see more of the Chima who read her mom’s letter. But I still don't like her.

WHAT?! WHAT?! Jeremy Piven WHAT?! Hold up. Our Season 4 got a motherfrigging MIME?!

And this summer they get TWO movie screenings? Are there anymore coming? And this summer they get all these cash prizes?!

K*ntroS*K, are you reading? Because noone forces you to read my blog. So if you don't like what I have ot say you really shouldn't be reading.

But just in case, pay attention because here is where I will get bitter now. Just to make you happy.

For all of you who don’t know my buddy K*ntroS*K, they are not a fan of me or my writing, or my existence too perhaps. An angry message was left for me, and I wonder if this is also the person who called me a racist:

And I quote:

K*ntroS*K said...

“Really trying not to be rude.. But June... who the heck are you to comment on Julie or any of the houseguests.. You sound very bitter and are lucky Carolyn puts your blog on here, or else no one would care about you!!“ August 7, 2009 4:32 PM

To which I responded

”Hmmm, K*troS*K. I am just me. You are just you. I just happen to put my opinions down on paper and have a place to showcase them thanks to Carolyn. If I didn't, they'd just all be in my head I suppose.

You weren't rude at all.

I would say I was bitter if I was an ex-HG booted early and looking for attention. I would say I was bitter if I didn't have an amazing life before and after my season :). But I actually won my season fair and square and like everyone else who tunes into the summer mayhem in the BB house, I have strong opinions. But they're just opinions.

You do have negative opinions on things/people right? Thank goodness we also have funny, positive, and indifference to choose from too! I think I hit all of those in every blog thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing and doing it openly! Oh, and lots of people actually care about me but thank you for the concern!

PS: I AM bitter tho that my period came unexpectedly this week...damn this teenaged body of mine.”
August 7, 2009 5:09 PM

So yeah. You’re right. Now I’m bitter. I would have LOVED to hung out with Jeremy Piven.

NATALIE: She is SUCH a nagging nagger nag! Naggity-naggity-nag, Naggy McNaggerson. HAHAHA. That was a little homage to Russellicious.

And what was up with her saying the house was like World War 5?! Um, did we skip a few wars here and there? Idiot.

But…HOLY EXCITEMENT on the Have Not America’s Choice?! They have “kimchi” as an option?! Woohoo for the Koreans! We’ve finally made it! For those of you who don’t know what the heck that is, I’ve included a picture.

Blah, blah, blah, Russell and Lydia are up on the block. Whatevs. I’m still on the kimchi thing. Hooray!

Packaging on Allergy Medicine is a PAIN in the ASS

I didn’t have allergies until the tender age of 25, nine years ago. A lot changed at 25. A lot does.

There are infinite points of no-return that no one really tells you about and so they just happen and it’s your choice whether to falter or fight it and age gracefully.


When I was 25, it was a very good year. I had just ended a really really long relationship with “Joe” and I was really really happy with “Dan”.

Then when late spring rolled around, my allergy-free life as I knew it became painful, harrowing even. People who don’t suffer just don’t know. I didn’t know my whole life as I pranced along the streets in my springy dresses.

It was our first spring and it was wonderful and honeymoon in nature. But my eyes itched, my nose felt tingly all the time…and I started to sneeze…uncontrollably. That was not sexy. I prefer sexy.
It was an awesome spring still.